Understanding Back Adjustments

The Graston Technique May Help You Recover Faster From Hard Workouts

Do you suffer from serious muscle stiffness or soreness after hard workouts? You may want to consider visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist for treatment with the Graston Technique. This is a safe, natural treatment that helps alleviate muscle stiffness by breaking down adhesions between the muscles and the muscle lining. Here’s a closer look. […]

How Rolfing Can Help You During Sports Season This Spring

Rolfing is a type of soft tissue manipulation that focuses on establishing musculoskeletal balance and alignment of the ligaments, joints, tendons and bones. For new patients, rolfing may seem similar to deep tissue massage or chiropractic care. Like massage therapy and chiropractic methods, rolfing focuses on natural, non-invasive techniques for ensuring good health and quick […]