Treating TMJ Pain Without Medication

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Treating TMJ Pain Without Medication

Treating TMJ Pain Without Medication

24 July 2015
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If you're dealing with neck pain and problems that you think may be linked to temporomandibular disorder, there are some alternative pain treatments besides painkillers. The overuse of medications can lead to organ damage, and there are other possibilities.

Each case is different, and X-rays will commonly be used to diagnose the disorder. The cause of this problem is unknown, and there are different treatment options. Consult a chiropractic office to learn about the following options.

Chiropractic Alignment

The disorder occurs because the jaw bones are misaligned. The chiropractor can realign the skeletal structure to help relieve pressure and to prevent the bones from rubbing together. The treatment doesn't just relieve pain, it can help stop joint damage to prevent arthritis and other potential problems. The chiropractor uses manipulation to put the jaw bones back in their proper place.

Massage Therapy

TMJ can cause soreness throughout the face, neck, shoulders and even down throughout the back and arms. Massage therapy can help bring relief to the pain, it can relax the muscles and improve blood circulation in the area to heal damaged tissues, and it can help with headaches from the disorder and more.


The use of needles and acupuncture by a licensed acupuncturist can be used to help treat the pain associated with TMJ. The needles are strategically placed throughout the body to alter the body's perception of pain. This can be used to treat pain in other areas of the body as well for other medical problems.

Heat and Ice Rotation

Rotating between heat and ice on the area of injury can reduce swelling and help curb pain. Using an ice pack and heat gel pack in the area at the end of the day or when you get time is best. If you don't have any packs, you can fill a sock with rice and tie it. Put the sock in the microwave to heat the rice, or in the freezer to chill.

The sooner you get treatment and pain relief for your TMJ disorder, the better. If you aren't interested in wearing braces for a long period of time or if you had braces but the pain is still there, talk with chiropractor about these different pain treatments and techniques. You don't want to spend your life dealing with the pain, or taking pain medication day and night. Contact a chiropractor today for more information.

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