Easing Neck Pain

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Easing Neck Pain

Easing Neck Pain

18 March 2016
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In the United States, millions of Americans report chronic pain of some sort. In one study, fifteen percent of respondents report chronic neck pain. If you suffer from this condition, simply getting out of bed in the morning can be a daunting experience. Dealing with neck pain can be difficult during the course of a regular work day. Fortunately, you can take action to at least minimize the pain.


Choosing the right pillow can help you get a good night's sleep and wake up without serious discomfort. A number of stores carry pillows designed to properly align your body, and your chiropractor also probably carries these items. Experts recommend that you choose your pillow according to the sleep position that you adopt. If you sleep on your stomach, you should have a very thin pillow so that your neck isn't thrown into an awkward position. Back sleepers also need to choose a pillow that isn't too thick but that has more filling in the "bottom third" to provide support for the neck. Side sleepers need a firm pillow that will "fill in" the space between their shoulder and ear. Any pillow that does not properly support your neck or that causes it to pitch at an unnatural angle can lead to neck pain.

Chiropractic Care

You should not just live with chronic neck pain. Often, your chiropractor can help, first, by diagnosing the cause of your pain and then by using a number of techniques to ease it. Manual manipulation can help loosen your muscles and realign your neck, relieving pressure on the nerves. Sometimes, your chiropractor will use an instrument to apply force to your neck without causing damage to your spine. In addition to various treatment methods used in the office, your doctor may ask you to try range-of-motion exercises at home to keep full movement in your joints. Although some people with severe neck pain may end up having surgery to correct the problem, a chiropractor can often help you postpone or even eliminate the need for that type of intervention. Contact a chiropractic clinic for more information. 

Chronic neck pain is a condition that is shared by many Americans, often making the bending, twisting, and reaching required each day an ordeal. You can try a few methods at home to get relief, but you should not overlook your chiropractor as a source of long-term improvement in your troublesome condition. Sometimes, simple realignment makes a huge difference.   

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