Helpful Information About Undergoing Spinal Rehabilitation

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Helpful Information About Undergoing Spinal Rehabilitation

Helpful Information About Undergoing Spinal Rehabilitation

21 March 2016
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Did a rollover collision leave you with a spinal injury that caused you to have severe back pain with limited use of your arms and legs? The key to improving your condition is going through rehabilitation. A chiropractor will be also be able to use a natural technique called spinal manipulation that can give you pain relief in your back. In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of rehabilitation and going to a chiropractor to undergo spinal manipulation for your injury.

Physical Therapy to Improve Limb Movement

One of the steps that you will experience during spinal injury rehabilitation is physical therapy. A therapist will assist you with using your arms and legs. He or she will massage them to improve blood circulation because the oxygen in blood can promote healing. The therapist will also assist you with walking around so you can strengthen your leg muscles. You may be asked to participate in arm movement activities as a way to strengthen your arm muscles.

Psychology for Improving Mental Health

Your state of mind concerning the spinal injury can have a big effect on how well you are able to start enjoying life again. You will have the opportunity to sit with a psychologist as you are recovering so he or she can help you learn to cope with the life change that the spinal injury has caused. You will learn how to become as independent as possible as well as how to remain active. The psychologist will work on your self-esteem to give you the courage to enjoy life without staying hidden at home. If you have to use a wheelchair to get around, the psychologist will help you learn how to work with the situation and not let it stress you out.

Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain

Another important step that is included with spinal injury rehabilitation is treating back pain. A chiropractor will be able to manipulate your spine in a way that decreases the amount of tension in your back. Basically, the chiropractor will release air that is in the spaces between the joints of your spine, as well as get rid of tension on the connective tissues and nerves in your back. Your spine may also be adjusted to help it function, which may help with improving movement in your limbs. Make an appointment to undergo spinal injury rehabilitation as soon as you can.

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