Benefits Of Receiving Chiropractic Care As A Senior Citizen

If you need help with your back pain but are scared of going to the chiropractor, this blog can demystify the adjustment process. Learn about it here.

Benefits Of Receiving Chiropractic Care As A Senior Citizen

Benefits Of Receiving Chiropractic Care As A Senior Citizen

25 March 2016
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If you're a senior citizen and you've never booked an appointment at your local chiropractic clinic, it's never too late to look for this type of care to provide relief for your aches and pains. Chiropractic adjustments can help you with a multitude of physical health issues, including back and neck pain, sciatica pain and more. This type of care has the capacity to improve your mobility, elevate your overall quality of life and even lift your mood to help you enjoy your golden years in as little discomfort as possible. Here are some specific benefits of receiving chiropractic care as a senior citizen.

Less Reliance On Medication

The average senior citizen often relies on a significant amount of prescription and over-the-counter medication to treat a variety of different issues. Those between the ages of 80 and 84, for example, take an average of 18 prescriptions per year.

Although prescription drugs are beneficial for a number of reasons, they also have adverse effects. Incorrectly taking the drugs can lead to a hospital visit, some forms of medication have concerning side effects and if you don't have adequate health coverage, medication is costly. You might be able to reduce your intake of such medications by visiting the chiropractor. For example, if you're taking pain pills because of a sore back, a series of adjustments might alleviate your discomfort to the point that the medication is no longer needed.

Help With Your Sleep

Nearly half of seniors experience at least occasional insomnia-related issues. Being unable to sleep can make your days feel long and miserable and certainly not give you the pleasure that you expected from your retirement years. If you're experiencing difficulty sleeping because of chronic pain, it's worthwhile to see your local chiropractor. He or she can adjust your body in ways that reduce pressure on your nerves, alleviate muscle pain and help you sleep better. Additionally, you'll also learn some tips about how to position your body with pillows to maximize your comfort.

Improved Balance

Many seniors are concerned about falling and balance issues as a result of back pain have the potential to increase this risk. If you're sore, you might not be walking squarely and could even have nerve issues that affect one side of your body. Chiropractors are skilled at restoring the balance of your body, which can reduce the risk of a fall that will limit your mobility and could even lead you to a premature move to a nursing or retirement home.

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