How Rolfing Can Help You During Sports Season This Spring

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How Rolfing Can Help You During Sports Season This Spring

How Rolfing Can Help You During Sports Season This Spring

30 March 2016
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Rolfing is a type of soft tissue manipulation that focuses on establishing musculoskeletal balance and alignment of the ligaments, joints, tendons and bones. For new patients, rolfing may seem similar to deep tissue massage or chiropractic care. Like massage therapy and chiropractic methods, rolfing focuses on natural, non-invasive techniques for ensuring good health and quick healing.

Rolfing differs from massage and chiropractic in that it takes a more whole-body approach to care and treatment. Rolfing focuses on injury prevention and promoting proper functioning of the various systems in the body. Rolfers use physical manipulation of the deep tissues to ensure optimum function and movement in the body. For athletes, rolfing is an ideal method for addressing typical problems that can come up during the training season. Knowing how rolfing can help you stay healthy and active this spring can ensure that you're in peak condition for your sport.

Injury Prevention

One of the goals of a rolfer is to ensure that the body performs with complete efficiency. Rolfers use deep tissue stimulation to loosen the muscles, increase blood flow and align the musculoskeletal system for optimal functionality. After going through rolfing, many patients experience less tension and a greater sense of balance. This can make movement easier and more fluid. During the sports season, this enables athletes to perform as well as they can on the field and during training.

Because one of the goals of rolfing is to help ensure that patients are able to move more quickly and nimbly, this technique can help improve overall performance during games and competitions, thus reducing chances of injury during the sports season.

Less Pain

Although rolfing is different from deep tissue massage, it does have some of the same effects; namely, it can reduce tension in the muscles and can help patients feel less pain after training sessions. Lining up rolfing sessions with the beginning of spring training can help ease the transition from reduced physical activity in the winter to increased physical activity in the spring.

Improved Recovery Times

Rolfing can help the body withstand accidents and stress from training. People who have undergone rolfing may find that they recover from injuries more quickly and are more resilient overall. For more information about how rolfing can help you stay active and perform your best during sports season this spring, contact a certified rolfer in your area. Your practitioner can tell you more about how rolfing can help you perform well during spring training and when competitions begin.

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