Therapeutic Massage: Preparing For Your First Massage Appointment

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Therapeutic Massage: Preparing For Your First Massage Appointment

Therapeutic Massage: Preparing For Your First Massage Appointment

30 March 2016
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Therapeutic massage is different from many other forms of massage because it is used specifically as a treatment for pain. This does not mean it is not relaxing and rejuvenating like other massage treatments, only that it is more likely to be recommended by a medical professional to help treat injuries and chronic pain. Because it is recommended to people with medical concerns, rather than used as a spa treatment, there are often a lot of patients scheduled for this type of massage who have never had one before. This can lead to some concern about what to expect. Here are a few answers to some of the questions people have prior to their massage appointment.

The Naked Truth

People do not have to get naked for a massage. It is common for people to leave on their undergarments during the appointment. Their body will also be covered during the massage. Therapists will only uncover the area of the body they are working on, and will recover it when they move to the next section. This allows the modest patient to be more relaxed and ensures that people stay warm and comfortable.

Worrying About Pain

Chronic pain can make it worrisome for people to consider a massage. It is important to remember that the image of people being manhandled and howling in agony thanks to an unsympathetic masseuse is a Hollywood creation and not reality.  However, therapeutic massage is designed to be gentle and the therapist will only increase pressure when it is comfortable for the patient. Tightness in the muscles can cause some discomfort initially, but within a couple of minutes, the increased circulation the massage provides will usually relieve that discomfort. If at any point the person receiving the massage is in pain, the therapist will want to know so they can adjust their treatment.

Sensitive Skin Concerns

Massage therapists are professionals who are not concerned with the beauty of their patients. They have seen acne, warts and cellulite, and much more. Even issues like eczema and psoriasis are not a reason to forgo a massage. In fact, these conditions may even be improved as well. If they are severe, discuss skin problems with the therapist when making the appointment. This will give them the opportunity to have massage oils and creams, like coconut oil, that are safe for sensitive skin and less likely to cause any irritation. The therapist may even allow patients to bring their own products if they have found something that is more comfortable to them.

Many chiropractors use therapeutic massage as a standard part of their practice to work alongside other forms of therapy. In fact, it is not unusual for a massage therapist to be on staff at a chiropractic clinic. With their assistance, many people are able to be relieved of their muscles and joint pain faster, as well as experience better circulation, relieve chronic headaches and feel more relaxed. Contact a business, such as Bakke Chiropractic Clinic SC, for more information about massage. 

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