Three Reasons Why Every Chiropractic Patient Should Practice Yoga

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Three Reasons Why Every Chiropractic Patient Should Practice Yoga

Three Reasons Why Every Chiropractic Patient Should Practice Yoga

19 April 2016
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Although not every yoga pose will be suitable for every stage in your life, such as when you're recovering from an injury, chiropractic patients in general can benefit greatly from the practice of this mindful stretching and exercise technique. Both yoga and chiropractic treatments can benefit you in some surprising ways, and when you combine the two, you can maximize your benefits because they'll often work together towards the same goals. Here are three reasons you should have yoga in your life if you're a chiropractic patient.

1. It helps maintain improvements between visits

One of the first results chiropractic patients may see is a wider range of motion. Yoga stretches help improve your range of motion as well, but if you've just been to the chiropractor, your yoga can help you even more by helping you keep that flexibility from day to day. In addition, the release of tension you'll get at your adjustment may feel great, but slowly building tension back up again until your next visit isn't so great. Using yoga on a daily basis or even just several times weekly can help dissipate and release tensions before they have time to accumulate as much. This benefit also helps with range of motion, since tension can cause muscles and joints to stiffen up. 

2. It helps you take care of your own body better

While your chiropractor is a wonderful resource, he or she can't  be breathing down your neck all the time about your posture and tension and so on. You only see the chiropractor every so often, and you need to take responsibility for what you do to your body in between. Yoga helps not only with freedom of movement but also with mindfulness, helping you keep a better eye out on what's up with your body each day. And yoga itself is a great way to take care of your body, as evidenced by all the great health benefits you'll reap.

3. It helps get you ready for appointments

Have you ever gone in for a chiropractic appointment and then had your chiropractor tell you that you're much too tense? Instead of making your chiropractor take time to relax you at the start of each visit, why not do a quick yoga session before leaving home? In conjunction with regular yoga sessions throughout the week, this can do a great deal to get your body ready for a chiropractic adjustment. Not only does it help relax you, but it stretches muscles and gets them limbered up and ready for your chiropractor's gentle manipulation.

These three reasons are only a few of the benefits that yoga can accrue to a chiropractic patient. But if your chiropractor hasn't previously recommended yoga, be sure to ask him or her if it's advisable for you in your current state of health.

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