The Graston Technique May Help You Recover Faster From Hard Workouts

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The Graston Technique May Help You Recover Faster From Hard Workouts

The Graston Technique May Help You Recover Faster From Hard Workouts

27 October 2016
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Do you suffer from serious muscle stiffness or soreness after hard workouts? You may want to consider visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist for treatment with the Graston Technique. This is a safe, natural treatment that helps alleviate muscle stiffness by breaking down adhesions between the muscles and the muscle lining. Here's a closer look.

What does the Graston Technique involve?

When administering the Graston technique, your chiropractor will use their hands or a special spatula-like tool to "scrape" crosswise against your muscle wherever it is feeling sore or stiff. This should only take a few minutes per site. If you have numerous sore spots, your chiropractor or physical therapist can treat them all during the same appointment. You'll probably want to return for periodic treatments to keep any other soreness that creeps up after hard workouts at bay.

How does the technique work?

Often, when a part of your muscle is becoming increasingly sore after workouts, it is because there is scar tissue or adhesions between muscle fibers in that area. The Graston Technique physically helps break these adhesions, allowing the muscle to bend the way it is supposed to. When your muscle is able to function properly, you won't get as sore with subsequent workouts. The technique also increases blood flow to the area. This helps stimulate healing, so you don't develop additional scar tissue and adhesions in that area.

Does it hurt?

The Graston Technique is a bit uncomfortable. Your provider will be working on an area that's already sore, so you can expect a bit of discomfort during treatment. However, once the treatment is over, the muscle should feel a lot looser and more relaxed. If you're a little sore after your treatment, soaking in a warm bath should help. This will further stimulate blood circulation to the area, helping to finish up the healing process.

Are there any side effects to worry about?

One of the reasons why Graston Therapy is such a good option for many athletes is that it is so safe. Aside from a bit of discomfort during the treatment, there is really nothing negative to worry about. In order for the treatment to be effective, however, you need to make sure you have it administered by a skilled provider. Look for a sports chiropractor or physical therapist who has been working with the Graston Technique for several years or more. Otherwise, what you get may be little more than a deep massage.

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