Your Poor Posture Could Be The Reason For Your Back Pain

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Your Poor Posture Could Be The Reason For Your Back Pain

Your Poor Posture Could Be The Reason For Your Back Pain

4 January 2019
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Back pain has several causes, and one of them is poor posture. The modern sedentary lifestyle combined with hunching over a laptop or tablet for hours each day is the perfect mix for developing back pain due to poor posture. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help you overcome this problem with treatment and posture coaching. Here's why poor posture is such an issue and some ways a chiropractor can help you overcome it.

Why Poor Posture Is Harmful

When your posture is poor, it causes an imbalance in your muscles. Some muscles may become too tight while others become weak and at risk of injury. When bad posture is a habit, your joints and muscles move out of alignment to accommodate your new position. This can irritate nerves and cause muscle strain. As your muscles become weaker, the problem escalates and then it feels difficult and unnatural to hold your body with proper posture. Poor posture has an affect on your appearance and it can cause health problems such as back pain.

How Working With A Chiropractor Helps Your Posture

If you've had poor habits for a long time, it will take effort to regain proper posture. One important aspect is education on sitting, sleeping, and standing in the right positions. Learning how to work and text ergonomically is important so you avoid strain on the neck and back. Exercise is another way to improve your posture. You'll need strong core and back muscles to hold your body erect so strengthening exercises are important, and a chiropractor can determine the right exercises that will balance out your muscles so one side of your body isn't stronger than the other.

Chiropractic adjustments might be given to move your joints back into alignment. Aligning your spine can relieve pressure on nerves so back pain is reduced. You may need several spinal adjustments over a period of weeks as your muscle strength changes and your posture improves. Keeping up with your back exercises at home and being conscious of your posture as you go about the day will help you get faster results.

Once you've improved your posture and learned how to sit, stand, and sleep correctly, then you should notice an improvement in your back pain if it was caused by the strain of poor posture. When you experience back pain, see a chiropractor for an evaluation. Treatment begins with an assessment to determine the cause of your pain so the chiropractor can help you in the most effective way. Contact a clinic, like Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc, for more help.

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