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Whiplash: Answering Common Patient Questions

28 August 2015
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There are many different injuries that a person's neck can suffer, and whiplash is particularly common. This injury is a frequent problem for individuals that have been involved in car accidents because the head is forced forward and back, which can damage the muscles, tendons and vertebrae in the next. For those that suspect they have this type of injury, the following couple of questions may help them to better understand this common neck condition.
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Treating TMJ Pain Without Medication

24 July 2015
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If you're dealing with neck pain and problems that you think may be linked to temporomandibular disorder, there are some alternative pain treatments besides painkillers. The overuse of medications can lead to organ damage, and there are other possibilities. Each case is different, and X-rays will commonly be used to diagnose the disorder. The cause of this problem is unknown, and there are different treatment options. Consult a chiropractic office to learn about the following options.
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